2019 September 14th

Server Update

Overall EXP has been increased (+100%)
Party Areas EXP increased
Party Areas monsters damage increased
Dance of Killing Damage increased (+25%)
Spin Slash Damage increased (+25%)
Doggebbi Lord G115 drops doubled
Low Mixing Stones removed from droprate
Baked Eels and Soups have been fixed

2019 September 10th

Server Update

Newcomer Bonus (LVL 50-90) Activated! +200% EXP
F10 System limitation increased to 90
F10 System EXP Increased +1000%
3rd Job Skills Cooldown reduced to 1min 30sec
Drops in Party areas increased
Bosses Evasion reduced
Bosses Level reduced [100]
Eels and Special Buffs fixed
Reborn Rewards have been reworked (buffed)
Casino Chips droprate slightly increased

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Server Features
EXP: x500
Droprate: Custom
Max level: 120
Reborn at Level 120
Level after reborn 90
Max gear: G140