2019 July 15th

Server Update v1.14

Newcomer Bonus Activated (Level 50-90)
Starter Set changed to G60
Reborn 10+ Rewards have been fixed
Max Reborns increased to 40
Commander Camp area (RB 5+) added
Destiny Shadow Boss added
Boss drops improved
5 New Pets added
Daily Battlefield [30 min] tournament added
Battlefield Registration added to F1 menu
Last Man Standing daily tournament added
Last Man Standing registration added to F1 menu
Tooth of Ifrit drops added
Mask of Pain, Greed, Jelousy drops added
Stolen Backpack drops added
Piece of torn cloth drops added
PVE and Moon Orb weapons attack speed fixed

2019 July 9th

Server Update v1.13

Jewel Stacking added to Storage NPC
Shop Rewards have been unbound (regular inventory)
Picket pet [12h] has been added to Shop Rewards
Sun Orb [15%] added to Shop Rewards
Moon Orb [15%] added to Shop Rewards
Orb Trader has been added to Core Fort
Sun Orbs [40%] & [70%] have been added to Orb Trader
Moon Orbs [40%] & [70%] have been added to Orb Trader
Sun & Moon Orbs [100%] have been added to Donation Shop
Colorshave been added to 20+ Reborn
G115 Drops have been added to Doggebi Lord
G115 Drops doubled in F10 System
G140 Murder Armor stats slightly increased (def/eva)
Crafting ores droprate increased in 1 by 1 and Party areas

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Server Features
EXP: x500
Droprate: Custom
Max level: 120
Reborn at Level 120
Level after reborn 90
Max gear: G140