2020 March 6th

Server Update

New Rule (Sinning at bosses) added
G125 Gear images fixed
Jupiter enchanted weapons restricted from Tournament areas.
G125 Gear restricted from Tournament areas.

3 New Areas added
Dungeon of Fate F7 (rb 5+) added
Dungeon of Fate F8 (rb 5+) added
Tower of Priest F3 (rb 5+) added

PVP balance
Soul Destruction PVP damage increased

2020 February 20th

Server Update

G110-G140 Weapons crafting fixed
Unique G125 Undying Set added
G125 Gear Boxes added
Gifts added for Reborns 10-30
Blessing of Core @Vote Rewards fixed

4 New Bosses added
Spirit of Undying Shadebay
Fierceful Undying Wolf Commander
Beast of Undying Fenshire
Mysterious Undying Clover

PVP balance
ASC 3rd job PVP damage increased
GOS Sword Dance PVP damage reduced
GEN PWW PVP damage increased

2020 February 14th

Server Update

EXP in non-reborn areas increased
Last Man Standing fixed
AFK protection added (every 30 min)
Suit Craftman NPC added
Pieces of Torn Cloth droprate increased
[Crafting] Beryl Ore name fixed
[Crafting] Lead Ore name fixed
Blessing of Core (Asadal) added to Vote NPC
4 Suits added to Vote NPC

2020 February 10th

Server Update

G10 Buffs Potion price reduced to 20 Vote Coins
Baked Eels / Eel Soups price reduced to 20 Vote coins
Shop Reward Coins have been unbound
Critical Medicines [1 min] added to Shop Rewards NPC
Doubled amount of mobs in Canyon of Death
Doubled amount of mobs in Top F7/F8
Doubled amount of mobs in Doggebbi Island

2020 February 5th

Server Update

Starting Level Changed to 70 + G70 Set + 3rd JC
EXP Increased in non-reborn areas
Reborned players can no longer enter non-reborn areas
G10 Buffs Scroll (Single Use) added to Vote Rewards
Vote Rewards Jewels amount increased to 100
Shop Reward Coins bug fixed

2020 February 3rd

Official Start

Core Kal has officially started!

Vote for Core
Use the link below to Vote for server to receive
100x Vote Reward Coins
↓ for each vote ↓

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Server Features
EXP: x1000
Droprate: Custom
Max level: 120
Reborn at Level 120
Level after reborn 90
Max gear: G140