2019 May 14th

Server Update

Starting Level increased to 70
Starting Gear changed to G70
3rd Job package added to starter package
G100 Drops added to Doggebi Lord (100%)
G95 Drops added to Element Masters (50%)
Dungeon 2 exp increased
Doggebi Island EXP increased
LvL 80-90 exp increased
Trigram Crafting NPC added
Trigram Stats and description fixed
Water of Eight Trigrams added to Box drops

2019 May 10th

Server Update

Element Master Bosses (x5) were added
Boss Spawns added to FOE
Boss teleports added
Master Elements respawn time: 3 hours
Mirror drops added to bosses
Doggebi Lord spawn enabled
Fresh Meat added to Core Merchant
Tower of Priest F4 mobs sight increased
Party area mobs now drop quest items
Instance reward Baby Goblin time fixed

2019 May 9th

Server Update

Newcomer bonus activated
+250% EXP rate for Level 60-80
Starting Level increased to 60
Starting Gear changed to G60 + G62
Starter Picking Pet time increased to 5h
Connection issues solved
Imperfect Elements droprate increased
Party Mobs sight reduced
Damage Taken during Immortal event changed to -25%

2019 May 6th

Core 2019 Server Pesentation video

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